Welcome to my Gallery

This is, as you can imagine, the center of my internet art world.  I'm brand new to the world of internet art, so as time passes, this will hopefully become quite populated with works.  Especially as the impending summer will give me plenty of time to focus more on creating.  When I'm not working to keep myself from starving, that is.

Current Project

I'm currently devising and inking scenes of fantastic medieval animals.  No, not dragons, though those are fun, too.  I'm actually working on a project wherein animals (such as kittens) assume various roles in the medieval social and religious hierarchies.

This is the official home of the Papal Kitten!

If you want to show your support for the Fantastic Medieval Animals project, feel free to visit my Medievalry Shoppe and make a purchase or two.  As of the moment, CafePress is my only way to distribute prints.  But they have fun things.